Serious illness can strike a family at any time. While the timing is out of your control, you can control how such an illness affects your family financially. Our healthcare insurance plans give you a means to help pay for some of the expenses associated with an illness.

Cancer Support Plan

This plan protects and supports you and your family if you are diagnosed with cancer

  • Cancer-screening benefit up to £125 every 3 years
  • Up to £50,000 paid if you are diagnosed with cancer

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Sickness Income Plan

This plan protects your standard of living by providing regular monthly benefit payments if a covered sickness prevents you from working

  • Total disability benefit up to £900 per month

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Critical Five Plan

This plan will provide protection for you and your family from the financial impacts of critical illness.

  • Lump-sum benefits of up to £90,000
  • Children can be covered for free

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Sickness Hospitalisation Income Plan

This plan will provide you with daily benefits for hospitalisation due to a covered sickness.

  • Hospital in patient benefits up to £200 per day
  • Convalescence benefits up to £100 per day

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Ways we protect you

  1. Benefits paid directly to you:  Benefits will be yours to spend as you choose.  You could replace lost earnings, pay for medical expenses or even take a holiday to help get better – it’s up to you.
  2. Peace of mind: You are protected 24 hours a day, every day of the year, on and off the job

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