Best Doctors

Access to the best medical advice, when you need it most, through Healthcare Insurance Plans from Combined

If you ever found yourself seriously ill or injured and someone said they could:

  • Confirm that your diagnosis is correct
  • Provide you with the medical advice and expertise of a top specialist in that field
  • Point you in the right direction of the most effective treatment methods & treatment centres in the UK and worldwide
  • Guide you to make the best decisions every step of the way to recovery

What would you say?

When you take out a Sickness Income Plan, Sickness Hospitalisation Income Plan and/or Critical Five Plan with Combined, you also receive the services of Best Doctors who can provide you with all of the above should you need it, at no extra cost to you.

Who are Best Doctors?

Established in 1989, Best Doctors is dedicated to improving the quality of care for seriously ill individuals by making sure that they get the right diagnosis and the right treatment. They have a continuously updated global database of over 50,000 doctors recognised as the best in their field, on standby. Should you need them, the best expert is identified from the database to provide an in-depth review of your case confirming your diagnosis and providing you with the knowledge you need to make the best decision for treatment.

So, how does Best Doctors work?

Once you take out a healthcare policy* with Combined, should you be diagnosed with a serious illness all you need to do is make a phone call and Best Doctors will do the rest.

InterConsultation™ service:

  1. If you or your doctor suspect you may have one of the listed medical conditions below and/or if you have questions about your diagnosis call 0800 085 6605 to speak to a Best Doctors nurse.
  2. Best Doctors will obtain copies of your medical records from your treating consultant.
  3. Best Doctors own panel of doctors will analyse all of the information and produce a summary of your case.
  4. Using their global database of over 50,000 doctors, Best Doctors then identifies the most appropriate specialist to review your case.
  5. This specialist will carry out a comprehensive review of the Best Doctors summary together with your medical records and produce a report confirming your diagnosis and providing you with treatment recommendations. This is sent to you and if required your doctor within approximately 10 working days.

Through FindBestDoc™ and FindBestCare® services, Best Doctors can also identify and recommend to you the top specialists and most experienced specialist centres worldwide to treat your condition. Best Doctors may also be able to arrange discounts on the cost of treatment if outside the UK and Ireland.
Should you decide to travel outside of the UK for care, Best Doctors can help co-ordinate medical appointments, hospital admissions and even assist with travel and accommodation reservations. You would have to meet your own costs of any private medical treatment or travel and accommodation.
* Services are available throughout the life of your Sickness Hospitalisation Income Plan, Critical Five Plan and /or Sickness Income Plan only while your premiums are fully maintained.

For which medical conditions are Best Doctors services available?

AIDS     Loss of Speech
Alzheimer’s Disease     Major Organ Transplant
Blindness     Motor Neurone Disease
Cancer     Multiple Sclerosis
Cardiovascular Conditions     Paralysis
Coma     Parkinson’s Disease
Deafness     Severe Burns
Kidney Failure     Stroke

Important Notice:

Best Doctors' services are not available to you or any family members for conditions and injuries caused or contributed to by any illness, surgery, condition or disability which arose or manifested itself prior to the issue date of your policy, resulting directly in or contributing to one of the covered conditions for which:

  • You receive advice or treatment
  • You showed clear symptoms which would have caused an ordinarily prudent person to seek advice or treatment.

How will Best Doctors help me?

If Best Doctors confirms your original diagnosis as correct, they may be able to advise of a more effective treatment plan. If they should provide a revised diagnosis it might save valuable time or even change your life.

Will I really ever need Best Doctors?

Gaining an in-depth review can only be a positive thing when facing a serious illness, even if just to give you peace of mind. A second specialist may spot or know something that the first one doesn’t.

Could I not arrange to have another medical review locally myself?

Of course, however with so much information out there, Best Doctors could save you precious time and energy. An expert can take another look at your diagnosis, without you even having to leave home.

Can I still access Best Doctors even if I am not able to make a claim with Combined?

Yes, for as long as your premiums are fully maintained, all of the listed conditions qualify you to use the Best Doctors service regardless of your eligibility to make a claim with Combined.

How would this affect my insurance cover?

It won’t. Best Doctors is completely independent. It simply gives you and your doctor a new insight on your care and access to the highest level of medical expertise. Your insurance cover would not be affected and continues to be governed by its own terms and conditions. If you do not have a copy of Combined's policy provisions please contact us.

How much will the services of Best Doctors cost me?

Nothing. Access to the Best Doctors programme is provided completely free when you take out a Sickness Income Plan, Sickness Hospitalisation Income Plan and/or Critical Five Plan with Combined and for as long as your premium payments are fully maintained.

Best Doctors provides you with an in-depth review of your case and give you access you to the information, specialists and centres worldwide that are best suited for treatment of your condition. You would have to meet any subsequent costs of private medical treatment or travel and accommodation.

Is it confidential?

Best Doctors carefully protects the confidentiality of your personal information and medical information and will not release personally identifiable information about you to third parties for any purpose other than to provide service to you or to comply with any legal requirements.

Isn’t asking for a review from Best Doctors insulting to my doctor?

Best Doctors makes available to your doctor the most up-to-date knowledge and information, which may otherwise have been difficult for them to obtain. Treating doctors have been very happy with the result. They appreciate being able to consult with a qualified team of medical specialists on tough cases and being able to give a qualified review of your case.

Would members of my family also be able to use the services of Best Doctors?

Your eligibility to the services of Best Doctors would be limited to the Insured under the Combined policy and any named dependent children in the case of the Critical Five Plan.

How do I contact Best Doctors?

Call on: 0800 085 6605
For further information go online to

Please note: The services described are provided solely by Best Doctors. Combined will endeavour to give access to this cover but is in no way obligated to provide this service. Combined may at its sole discretion, cancel access to the services at any time without notice.

Best Doctors® 68 King William Street, London, EC4N 7D2

Best Doctors, InterConsultation, FindBestDoc, FindBestCare and the star-in-cross logo are registered trademarks and service marks of Best Doctors Inc. in the United States and other countries.

Customer Testimonials

“I think Best Doctors is an excellent service. It allowed me to gain access to the most up-to-date information and research regarding treatments for my condition”.
Laura M, Best Doctors Customer

“With Best Doctors as a resource, I was better prepared to make the right decisions regarding further treatment facilities and the acute rehab my patient required”.
Janet A, GP to a Best Doctors customer

“As a father of a 12 year old, hearing that your daughter might have a brain tumour as opposed to migraine headaches was the worst experience of my life. Your world is literally turned upside down within a few hours. The support that Best Doctors provided my family, as well as my daughters Paediatrician was unbelievable…I cannot thank everyone at Best Doctors enough”.
John K, Best Doctors customer

“Just a note to say thank you for your efficient and supportive service during the investigation into my medical case. I am today somewhat relieved to see in print the confirmed non-malignancy results! Thank you and your team for giving me the future that I hoped for”.
Beverley C, Best Doctors customer

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